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Our coaching session really helped me to focus and stay on point for my first performance review in years. Because we met I was confident, prepared and ready for the review. I was able to meet with the Executive Director and share with her my vision for the future – the review was positive, informative and rewarding. Thank You

Good morning Christene. Just wanted to thank you again for your presentation. It was obviously well received, and the discussions and interactions continued until we closed shop at 9:00. Regards.

Hi Christene, I enjoyed your talk very much . You did a great job outlining your objective and referring to the objectives as skills when you talked about successful coaching. You used great examples and facts to support your tips as well. I really liked the way you had a direct link to one’s behaviors and the skill. That is really important. I also like the fact that you spoke about using open ended questions to get folks to open up . I use that as well and it also created some accountability for staff in my field. In some of my managementt courses I took one called KUBA. It is a model we studied to help us coach and to get the employees ” buy in “. It means Know, Understand, Believe and ACT. You spoke to this in your talk in different terms, but I found it very interesting as I immediately started to think about KUBA as you spoke . Very well done and I really enjoyed it ..thank You


Hi Christene thanks for your supportive words. I know my stuff, and I know how to teach it, and I know how to speak. What is a totally new world to me is being a businesswoman. You have really opened my eyes and helped me know how to get started. I’m sure I’ll have great things to report.

Christene Cronin has made an overwhelming improvement to both my personal and business life . During the year that I have been working with her I have seen significant changes that before I had only vaguely hoped for. When I first met her I was burned out from overwork and in a rut. Now I am confident, happy and steering the ship of my life!

She helped me see the value in myself / my skills which translated into my increasing prices and finding more personal time. She also showed me how to shift my career. I learned how to make my career goals attainable by setting specific targets and following up ( with her guidance). For example, prior to working with her I did art photography on the side.  It was almost a “closet hobby”.  With her guidance I saw through all the steps to having my first public art photography show.  It was so exciting!    It’s one thing to dream and it’s another to make things happen.   I highly recommend Christene to help you with your business and life goals.

Susan A.Entrepreneur
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