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I can highly recommend Christene as she has allowed me to break the ceiling and gave me the tools I needed to finish writing a book. With her exceptional skills, she is able to focus on the root causes of a stagnating situation and therefore guide with insightful communication towards a rewarding solution. I’m always looking forward to our next meeting as she is such an uplifting force in my life.

Annie B

In answer to your question, “Was this session useful?” I want to reiterate a resounding “Yes!” I don’t know if you noticed, but I was way out of my comfort zone! You were asking me all kinds of questions that I didn’t have answers for. I always thought of myself as being pretty clear, but I had no idea how specific I WASN’T!! I will definitely be doing some thinking. I was uncomfortable at the time, but I’m sure glad now that you pushed me!


Christene allowed me to realize all that I am capable of. She gave me the confidence I needed to excel in a position that was out of my comfort zone. I recently earned a “leadership and outstanding contribution” award at my companies annual award banquet. She guided me to trust in myself as the leader I never believed that I was.

Kimberly S.

When you’re stuck and you don’t really seem to know why, or you do know but don’t want to admit it, Christene is able to bring this to light. She pulls your fears and uncertainties out of you and helps you to realize that it isn’t that scary after all and more importantly, that you can do it. She takes the time to listen to what you’re not actually putting into words, but saying in different ways. Christene has helped me gain self-confidence and validation in what I do.

Deb L.

Christene, what amazing and productive sessions we have had together! This is a note of gratitude and I can’t thank you enough for the insight you showed toward prioritizing my ideas and projects. More than anything – you took an enormously creative leap on my behalf and saw what I couldn’t. I now have so much energy and enthusiasm. You first recognized early on, how I would put up immediate barriers restricting my push forward. From that point on, we worked through any issues I had around fear of failure and change. I now feel much more confident and focused. Christene, you are a wise person and your assistance with practical strategies to keep me centered has made all the difference. I have no apprehension to strongly recommend you to any person in search of change!

Linda C.
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