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How Self-Aware Are You About Procrastination?

Procrastination – there’s that word we all know and dislike so much. It’s a negative word, and it can create such negative emotions. We complain about procrastinating, we know we are procrastinating, and yet we still continue doing it!

So the question to ask ourselves is “WHY”? Why do we continue to procrastinate when doing so can cause us to hold back, and not take that next step to an important goal or dream?

Did you know?

  • Fear is the number one reason for procrastination.
  • Procrastination is the number one reason for failure.

If you know your telltale signs while procrastinating, if you can become more self-aware, then you have a head start towards breaking this negative habit.

Do any of these signs or symptoms resonate with you?

  • Fear of failure, rejection, making a mistake
  • Lacking the self-confidence to persevere
  • Said ‘yes’ when you wanted to say ‘no’
  • Don’t know what to do next, or who to ask for help or direction

When I procrastinate, I organize everything in sight. If it isn’t my desk, it’s emails, or worse my file folders on the computer. It makes me feel like I know what I am doing, and I am accomplishing something of some importance! Sometimes I even fool myself into thinking that I need to be orderly before I can continue. But I know this is not the case, as I have created some pretty amazing work while my desk is strewn with books and paper.

So here are a few suggestions that will help you to eliminate Procrastination in your life:

Make a list of the areas, projects or goals where you are procrastinating. Now ask yourself these three questions for each one:

  1. What are the consequences – what do I lose – as a result of my procrastinating?
  2. What future problems would I eliminate by breaking through my procrastination habit(s)? What problems would I avoid?
  3. What would I gain by breaking these procrastination habit(s)? (more time with family and friends? Relief  from stress? Less guilt?)

By becoming more self-aware, we eliminate procrastination, reduce stress, achieve our goals faster, and gain more time for the important people and events in our lives.

So now ask yourself – what am I doing while I am procrastinating?

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