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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Christene offers direction, focus and value-added goals; and increases your personal power to achieve faster and more effective results.

Has your business growth been hampered by your inability to get your message across to others?

Have you sometimes thought that people don’t really hear you or take you seriously?

Do you struggle communicating your needs, wants and opinions without conflict?

You will learn how to:

  • Listen and ask powerful questions; communicate with confidence: have others take notice of what you’re saying.
  • Express yourself with diplomacy: stand up for what you believe despite opposition and disagreement.
  • The secret to having control over your thoughts and emotions and to respond to challenges with poise and dignity.

A polished and energetic speaker, Christene has spoken at numerous groups on topics related to:

Communications Listen and learn how to ask powerful questions
Conflict Resolution reduce and resolve conflict, which in turn diminishes stress
Personal Power respond in the moment with intelligence instead of impulse, to increase your personal power and heighten your professionalism
Resiliency become more resilient to adversity in your life
Avoid Burn Out and Find Your Joy profile of a burn out candidate; signs or symptoms our bodies provide us to let us know we are on the path to burn out
Book Christene and learn how to gain control of your thoughts and emotions and avoid burnout!.
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