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Are you coachable?

Simple enough question, right? Not so simple for some. There is one qualifying question that determines whether a person is coachable or not.

Are you willing to change? That’s it!

We like to think there is nothing wrong with us or our attitude towards others, don’t we? That it is other people who have difficulty interacting. But what if there was something you could do to make your interactions easier and more effective. We know we can’t control what people say or do, right? (If you don’t know that now, you will find out eventually, but not until you have expended so much emotional energy that you feel drained and worn out.)

Through self-awareness we learn to understand ourselves and how we can change for the better. Here is the four step process towards understanding our emotions and their effect on us:

1.  Name the emotion – we often feel more than one emotion at one time.

2.  Define the source of that emotion – what is causing it?

3.  Describe how this emotion benefits you.

4.  Manage your response.

So take a moment now and think about – how self- aware are you? Do your emotions interfere with your interactions with prospects, customers, team members or leaders? Comments welcomed!

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Christene, what amazing and productive sessions we have had together! This is a note of gratitude and I can’t thank you enough for the insight you showed toward prioritizing my ideas and projects…
Linda C.