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Christene Cronin

Benefits of Coaching

Statistics show us that we can learn best with a one on one (1:1) approach towards educating ourselves, and that repetition is necessary to actually ingrain this new information into our brain. The next step is to now apply this new found knowledge through practice over time.

As a Certified Coach and founder of Discovering You, I am passionate about coaching leaders and business professionals.

My approach is to listen and hear about your goals, challenges you are facing, and any dreams you may have where no action has been taken.

Coaching is becoming more predominant now, yet there are still many people who don’t really understand how a coach can help them. Like any good marriage, it’s important that partners (in this case, coach and client) are compatible before the Coaching process begins. Therefore I provide a Complimentary Coaching Session  to explore a potential partnership and help you learn more about coaching.


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a highly tuned and powerful process of communication and problem solving between coach and client. This relationship is confidential, co-creative and focused entirely on the client’s interests, challenges and/or goals.

An effective coach will not try to steer you towards their way of thinking, rather they will help YOU realize your own potential and possibilities; they will guide you towards your own direction.

Sometimes, I offer consulting in place of coaching based on my own education, knowledge and experience with a particular situation or topic. This is called Adaptive Coaching.

We ALL face challenges in business, career, and life. We all face crossroads. Regardless of our successes, there is always room to advance to the next level. Sometimes a simple shift in direction can change your destiny…forever.

If you want more for yourself, from yourself, Discovering You is a great next step. Redefine YOU!
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