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5 Proven Steps to Own Your Life

5 Proven Steps to Own Your Life (Avoid Burn Out)

Christene’s “5 Proven Steps to Own Your Life (Avoid Burn Out) program” is a Process that provides insight into what that path towards burn out looks and feels like, and how it stress sneaks up on you. She shows you that some of your emotions and behavior (stress on the body and mind) are your body’s way of providing you with symptoms and/or signs that something is wrong. Unfortunately, we get so caught up in being too busy that we ignore the signs until they become unbearable or extreme and harmful to us and/or our relationships with others.

For many leaders, burnout can happen when too many people rely too heavily upon you. While you realize the importance of providing support to the people around you, some people will “take” as much support as you can give and still want more. This can become emotionally draining. You may also find conflict seems to be the “norm” in your life and so your stress levels continue to rise. Therefore creating stress strategies and conflict strategies can help you increase your resilience to adversity, as stress and conflict tend to go hand in hand.

Physical Symptoms

By becoming more self-aware you are able to understand your own emotional, physical and mental symptoms and signs. For one of the more common signs (grinding/clenching teeth) we are given a “band aid” effect such as a mouth guard to prevent this. However, the mouth guard only slows the process and it cannot prevent further damage as the tension and pressure is still there, and if left untreated can lead to Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD/TMJ) which is commonly known as lock jaw. Lockjaw is a very long and painful experience and if not caught in time and treated immediately, can take years to fix or it can become permanent.

 Emotional Symptoms

When you are feeling anxious, or frustrated  on a regular basis your resilience levels decrease immensely; you tend to lose patience and become short tempered with yourself (negative self-talk) and with others (constant conflict, react on impulse, make poor decisions).  You get so wrapped up in your own problems, that you don’t see how your emotions and behavior are having a negative impact on those around you, on your relationships and in your work.

Mental Symptoms

When we are feeling emotional and physical pain it tends to affect our cognitive functions. We lose sleep, lose our appetite or for some over-eat to compensate for how we feel, we start doubting our abilities in our job and our relationships with those around us. We tend to almost stop functioning physically as we are too drained mentally and/or emotionally. As much as we know we need to exercise and eat properly, we can become too emotionally drained to care.

Our 5 Proven Steps to Own Your Life program (Avoid Burn Out) will help you take control of your life again and bring more “Joy” back into your life. After all, it is the simple things in life that can bring us joy without a monetary cost.

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