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About Christene Cronin

Christene is a business coach with focus on  Leadership utilizing Social & Emotional Intelligence (S+EI), and she is the founder of Discovering You ~ The Resilient Leader with Heart.

Christene works with ambitious, driven, and over-worked women business owners to help them cope with business growth pains and to avoid Burn Out. With her information technology background (22 years) in leadership, she was provided with countless opportunities to hone her communication skills and resilience to adversity.

In addition, she helps her clients build a respectful and fulfilling workplace; improve their own resilience and abilities to coach and develop emerging leaders; work with difficult individuals; improve employee engagement, creativity, flexible thought processes, and decision-making.

Christene is an effective coach and consultant who understands first-hand the challenges her clients face. In addition to relevant, in-the-trenches leadership experience, Christene’s educational background rounds out her expertise in coaching. She has certification as a coach; certification in Social & Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Leader as a Coach, and continues her education through relevant courses and books.

She is qualified to use “The Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence” Profile Assessment instruments in her coaching practice, which includes numerous exercises and self-evaluations within the 26 competencies of S+EI.

Christene is: a member of The Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence; writes published articles; and speaks within the business community.

Her personal time is spent reading, movies/ theatre, Golf and practicing yoga.


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