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1:1 Coaching towards Owning Your Life

Discovering You provides coaching services for small business professionals and leaders who choose to learn on an individual basis.

Our Coaching services will help you increase your level of emotional intelligence required to be an effective business professional or leader in the workplace today.

Christene’s 1:1 Coaching process provides insight into:

  • How burn out can sneak up on you
  • Do you fit the Profile of a burn out candidate?
  • How to become more self-aware of the emotional, physical and mental signs or symptoms our bodies provide us
  • Learn how to change your mindset towards positive results
  • Break the habits that cause procrastination and prevent you from taking effective action
  • How to bring more Joy into your life through our “Joy Principles” module
  • How to become more resilient to the adversities in business

Do You Know your Emotional Quotient (EQ)? 
Social + Emotional Intelligence (S+EI) can be learned and strengthened throughout our lives. And research indicates the quickest way to enhance your S+EI skills are through S+EI coaching.

“>S+EI Profile ® 360 Assessment

Social & Emotional Intelligence 360 Profile – An assessment by others.
The experience of a 360 assessment benefits:

  • Blind spots- we can’t know what they might be unless we get feedback from others
  • We can never really be sure how others perceive us, in terms of our strengths as well as potential development needs, unless we have their honest feedback.

The results provided by the SEIP 360 include:

  • SEIP assessment work book
  • 90 minute Review Session – significance and benefits of the assessment
  • Personal Development Plan – identify actions you can take to support your commitment to increasing your level of awareness and effectiveness.

If you are in a continuous state of stress or conflict let Christene help you find a peaceful solution

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