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Avoid Burn Out and Find Your Joy

5 Proven Steps to Own
Your Life

Christene’s passion to help others avoid burn out comes from her own personal experience as a leader during her career in IT (information technology). Her profile fits one of many profiles of a “Burn Out Candidate”


Research indicates that 80% of success on the job and in life is a result of our emotional intelligence (EQ) and 20% is a result of cognitive intelligence (IQ)


Christene hosts and facilitates; group coaching, webinars, and seminars to help Small Business Owners and Leaders climb the ladder of success and discover their endless potential within.

Gain Control of Your Thoughts And Emotions

Here is one profile of a Burn Out Candidate: someone who is energetic, ambitious and driven. This profile however includes other factors and or limiting beliefs unique to each individual. The good news is that we can avoid it if we pay attention to the signs and then act on them, in the moment. Long periods of stress can turn into Burn Out; it sneaks up on us slowly. So if we don’t pay attention to the signs; if we continue to think “we can handle it all ourselves”; then eventually feelings of tension and exhaustion take over.


Our passion and goal is to effectively coach Business Owners and Leaders within a strong and supportive “partner like” accountability structure; to provide them a means to lead with their hearts along with their intellect; to create an even more productive “let’s get the job done” and collaborative “share the knowledge” working environment.


A company that serves with integrity, compassion, acceptance and respect towards others.

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